1. General Characteristics

(a) work with full automation system. Without any manual intervention, it keeps products 7/24.

(b) Fully modular. All suppliers of products and software can be removed if desired may be deleted.

(c) The products of multiple suppliers never do not interfere with each other. Do not mix with other products on the site.

(d) Which products that come from suppliers which are recorded and updated date.

(e) The products are registered with the SEF URL addresses so-called search engine compatible.

(f) Multiple different wolf (USD, EUR, etc.) the exchange of the items are updated automatically.

(g) You can change the category and brand of the product. ON THE updates the product will not have any change.

(h) Products to the pictures and images folder database sampled are recorded. Thus not contain external links.

(I) It does not damage the site’s SSL and other security objects.

Prestashop XML Calisma

2. How is Work?

(a) The product information (name, description, brands, models, reference code) suppliers are recorded.

(b) Products will update this information if it was previously registered.

(c) If you have pictures of the product was measured according to Prestashop pictures table for each product (average of 8 pictures) image is sampled and copied to the database.

(d) The recorded product supplier is added to each comparison with the reference table in the database.

(e) the product’s brand name is not registered on the site is created and recorded on the product brand.

(f) the categories of goods are recorded on the site is not registered earlier.

(g) Product information and stock prices are updated in the specified periyodar. (example every 4 hours) General operation workflow algorithm shall be as specified in the next page.


B) Duration of study


1) Module is determined between 3 and 45 working days, depending on the system’s software system suppliers.

2) Integration, installation 2 business days of automation tasks

3) 1 business day bug fixes and tolerances.

D) Reference & Experience

Payment and product integration / automation systems eticsoft as the country’s most experienced software company. We work with partners across the world as a brand and the company’s e-commerce technologies. 8 years of experience and 3000+ e-store / software located on our current publication software. Please also found demand for our reference list